Meet Our Team

Richard Goguen (Papa Bear)

My name is Richard but lots of people call me the bear man, the bear whisperer or Papa Bear! The reason for this is during my life I have been around hundreds of bears. Once a mamma bear even left me with her Cubs while she chased away another bear.
In 1997 I started working as a guide for an outfitter where one client asked me to take him out so he can photograph bears in the wild. I enjoyed this so much more than the usual clients! After talking with some friends I realized what a wonderful opportunity I had to share these beautiful creatures with the world so in 1998 we built the tree house, started the business, and that's been our lives ever since! While you're safe in the tree house, I'll be on the ground feeding and interacting with the bears. I invite you to come and see these beautiful wild animals for yourselves.

How Richard became the Bear Whisperer
Year 1999 was a turning point!  A 3 month old female bear, still on mother's milk, became an orphan.  She adopted Richard as her mother.  Every time he was going to the site, she was following him as a dog follows his master.  She grew up, became a mother of 2 charming little cubs which she introduced without any hesitation to grand-daddy Ritchie.  She eventually became a grand-mother...
Now come and live this amazing adventure with us.

Attention!  Do not attempt this.  These are wild bears.  It takes years of work and lots of confidence to do what I am doing today.

Vivianne Goguen (Mamma Bear)

My name is Vivienne and since 1998 I've been mamma bear. I look after the business and will be the voice on the phone when you call to book with us! I'll be there to meet you when you arrive, deal with the documentation, and be there with you in the tower.

I can answer any of your questions before you book or while you're with us. So if you're interested give us a call I'll be happy to talk with you!

George Hachey (The Official Photographer)

People know me as a comedian, a plaque designer, the school bus driver and the wacky Frenchman. Everything I do I give 100% and it shows in the results whether it's my photography, artwork, my radio shows or as a comedian in the clubs. I was born in Rogersville NB in 1961 and have spent most of my life here.
Wildlife has always been a type of therapy for me, I love to walk in the woods listening to the birds and searching for wild animals. As a Young Man I caught and brought home hummingbirds, rabbits, mice, owls, a crow and a groundhog. I would go to the dump at night and watch the bears there and they would come right up to me. After hearing this, Richard asked if I would be the one to go down with the bears when he was not able to, who would say no to that!? I have been working as the official photographer for Little Big Bear Safari since 2006 and am so lucky to be able to come and see the bears and photograph them whenever I like.
I invite you to come and visit little big Bear Safari and witness for yourself how beautiful this place really is. To see people from around the world fill our tree house and take photos of these magnificent animals makes me really appreciate this opportunity I have.